FIABCI-Ireland News Update 2024

On behalf of the Executive Committee:-

First, we want to Thank You All for supporting FIABCI-IRELAND throughout its re-founding period since 2021.

Further, we want to Thank You for your patience as we get through the inevitable trials and tribulations in a start-up period – especially as we have NO paid staff and all our efforts are done on a voluntary basis at our own individual expense.

We’re not complaining, just explaining!

The Founders – about 8 or 10 of us – are really excited about the prospects & potentials of FIABCI-IRELAND both nationally and internationally. We deeply hope that many of you will be excited and interested in committing to helping us and we ENCOURAGE ALL to volunteer.

The ESSENCE of what makes FIABCI-IRELAND different from other national (and many international) associations or networks is that our Membership is multi-disciplinary and you can get to know and collaborate with fellow travellers who are not just your competitors. Already one new participant who came to one of our first face to face sessions in Dublin has approached some of us on this basis of helping their substantial regional project achieve a 10-year time-frame.

Please focus and give thought to spreading the word about the multidisciplinary approach to all and sundry, encouraging them to at least become Friends of FIABCI-IRELAND.

So, we’re starting off 2024 with our first Newsletter which we plan and hope will bring and keep most if not all of us together to make FIABCI-IRELAND the success for all of YOU we want it to be. We plan to circulate a Newsletter regularly going forward.


We held our 2nd AGM on the last day of February 2024 and the main new matters included:


  • Clare Connolly was appointed as the Secretary General in place of Bernadette Denby who is now a Board Director and our Vice President.
  • Conor O’Sullivan was appointed as Treasurer in place of John Younge.

We would like to thank John Younge and Bernadette Denby sincerely for all they contributed in their roles in 2023

In addition: 

  •  Lisa O’Reilly was appointed as a Director.
  •  The Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers (IPAV) were accepted as our 2nd Principal Member.                           

In other business – FIABCI ZOOM CALLS

Affordable Housing

As many of you attended this extremely well attended ZOOM on Affordable Housing, you will have seen the dynamic this process can have for us….and it started simply by Tony Kirwan circulating to the Executive team an article in the Financial Times he read on the Viennese Success Story. He received such expressions of interest that all of you were circulated, and the ZOOM meeting emerged, ably run and handled by Conor O’Sullivan with 4 interesting speakers, some of whom accordingly became members. Can we encourage you ALL to adopt the same approach of keeping your eyes and ears open for similar and new topics to discuss.

International Collaboration

It is proposed to plan and hold a ZOOM Call on collaboration with our Friends and Members of other FIABCI Chapters, especially USA. It is likely to be held in June.

FIABCI International Trade Mission to Ireland:

Liam Hogan, our Chairman, has just advised us of the possibility of the entire Board of FIABCI International spending three days in Ireland sometime in the coming September. We will have to present and prepare well to ensure this happens and to avail of an incredible opportunity to expand the reach and knowledge of our local Chapter throughout the world. One aspect would likely be to assemble and present to our guests a major development project in Ireland, creating hopefully the interest of some huge players internationally in becoming involved with the local Developer etc.